Functional training (indoor)

27. 1. 2020
7.00 - 8.00

Event is public
Place: Running Mall

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Why not to run into a new day filled with positive energy? Whether you are looking for a complementary training to your daily running sessions, or you´re getting ready for run with obstacles, our trainings with Simona are the right way how to strengthen the center of your body and get more stability. Reaching better results is our ultimate goal.

Every training is unique; we combine indoor and outdoor version depending on the weather conditions:


  • outdoor version combines running (5-6 km maximum) and 2-3 blocks functional training, including working out with your own weight, plyometric exercise, and excercise stabilizing the centre of your body
  • indoor version focuses on strengthening of your body using additional equipment (KB, dumbbells, multipress, gymball)
  • both versions include several benchmark trainings (4-5 sets with 2-3 repetitions)


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Members of PIM Club : Free entry

Single entry: 200 CZK