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Eco Mattoni FreeRun

Run and help nature!

Do you love the feeling of evening run and feeling of helping others ? If yes - go with us for a fun Plogging Run that helps making Prague a cleaner place for all of us. 

It will be held every Monday in September as a series of ECO events before Mattoni Liberec Nature Run. 

It starts September 9th at 18.45. 

We will run from Running Mall and go to nearby Stromovka Park. 

Following runs are planned for: Sep 16th, Sep 23rd, Sep 30th.

You can find this event called ECO Mattoni FreeRun in our calendar and we will be happy to welcome you among us.

Plogging Run, which experienced its enormous rise three years ago in Sweden, now is being implemented in Prague in cooperation with Mattoni. The collection of discarded plastic bottles is one of the main goals of our Plogging Run. Although the cleanliness of nature is slowly improving, there is still a large amount of plastic waste in our parks.

Plogging run is also good for some extra movement while running?  

Within a 30-minute run, you will burn more calories with unconventional movements like squats or lunges.

“Plogging is trendy and fun at the same time. You do something for yourself and those around you. You will leave your favorite park in better condition than it was before your visit. All you need is a quality running shoes and bag in your hand. Improve your health, fitness and the environment, ”exclaims Kateřina Baudyšová, manager of Running Mall.

The popularity of “Plogging” in Europe and North America is growing every year. Runners, from students to experienced matadors who set off for nature for good deed. You can do it too.