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We are more than just a running club! We know that one of the great joys for many runners is to belong to a running community. Running friends give motivation and encouragement. They empower you and impulse you to improve and go beyond your limits. Our goal is to encourage people to be active and exercise, improve their lives, strengthen their self-esteem and reach their goals.

How to join us:
  1. Register here to become a member of our Running Community! It's free!
  2. Visit us any time to receive professional guidance in choosing the best running shoes for you with our Gait Analysis. It's free!
  3. Check our calendar and book your spot for any activity matching your level. Our certified coaches will guide you through the training sessions.


Enjoy all the benefits to be part of a dynamic community! We offer:
  • Comprehensive training schedule with professional coaches to suit runners of all levels and with a different variety of training: Basic Style, Hills & Steps, Speed-Tempo, Long Run...
  • Attendance to our special Programs and Projects
  • Access to our facilities, including fitness area and locker rooms
  • Access to individual trainings and massages
  • Seminars and meetings with elite athletes, celebrity personalities, industry experts and inspiring people from the running world
  • A space where you can train, learn, relax, meet new friends and have fun


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