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Energy at Work

Do you want your employees to be mentally and physically healthier, work with more energy, efficiency and as a team? RunCzech offers the Energy at Work platform to help your work teams move and diversify their everyday working day.

Getting involved is very simple and we are ready to prepare a tailor-made program that would suit your needs the most. If you want to change the environment and leave your comfort zone, we invite you to visit our Running Mall! Those who have difficulties leaving the work chair, our coach come straight to your office and do the training from there.

And here is how it could all work

  • Where?
    It is up to you, whether in the morning before work at a common breakfast, during the day at the lunch break or after work as a “reward”
  • Warm up
    At the beginning, our trainer will give you some useful theoretical tips - it can be just a short chat before the run or as a lecture in our / your meeting room.
  • Running
    After warm up, our coach will take you to run to Stromovka, Letna or somewhere near your office. The distance and difficulty of the track will be of course adapted to your group.
  • Refreshment and program
    After running, we will stretch, shower and enjoy a light refreshment and coffee together and discuss not only about running
  • After party
    It is up to you whether you like to have presentation with our nutritionist after the training, or just leave the fun to a glass of wine.
  • Other lesson
    We also think of those who are not running lovers- yoga lessons, fitness classes or functional trainings are available as well. We can divide your work team into more groups based on their preferences and involve them all!

Benefits at Running mall

  • Cloakrooms, showers and towels are ready to be used
  • VIP shopping with special discount at adidas running – Prague Marathon Store is a must before the training
  • Free Gait analysis and shoes trying is included
  • After the training you can chill at the bar, enjoy our massage or just continue with the training at the sport lounge (fitness, ping pong, table football)

Benefits at your office

  • We’ll save you time by commuting which can be used for extra activities before running (seminar, intense warm up)
  • We’ll show you your work area in a different light, and set up running route right from your office
  • Possibility to use your conference room for yoga and other classes

Workouts can be planned as often as you want. The more we see you moving, the happier we will be. As soon as we plan the details, we will make an invitation for you that you can send to your colleagues.

Contact us by training@runningmall.cz